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Performance Electric Bikes by DC Electro

DC Electro began with a big idea–create an electric bike capable of replacing an automobile for average daily commutes

This bike would need:

  • substantial power, speed and range, enough to easily make mid-distance commutes (20-30 miles)
  • to be robust and reliable to handle the rigors and obstacles of urban commuting, and have superior handling to do so safely and comfortably
  • to have mass appeal in the U.S. and abroad, focusing on smart, stylish, innovative design and delivering at an affordable price 

DC Electro has succeeded in building this bike.

Roughly 2 years of development and 1000 miles of road testing has gone into creating one of the highest performing, professionally designed, most viable alternatives to auto commuting ever accomplished in an electric bike.

Electric Bike Features:

  • 40+mph*
  • precision balanced
  • 25-30 mile battery range
  • 2000 watt brushless DC hub motor*
  • 48 volt Lithium battery w/  standard 110v charger

  • aluminum track racing frame
  • high-power hydraulic brakes
  • carbon fiber front fork
  • top-of-the-line race bike components
  • patent pending component case

*Specifications and image above are for our prototype test-bike only. Future production models to have working pedals and meet federal speed and power limits.

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